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Love For Hot Guitarists

We love our assless boys

Giving the skinny white boys some love
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Welcome to hot_guitarists!

Just a few guidelines...

This is a music-related community, but don't limit yourself to just that! Talk about your favorite books, movies, tv shows, people (iheartm5 LOVES to talk shit), whatever. Just don't post random crap that no one cares about (i.e., "OMG i Am LiKe So HoRnY rItE nOw, LoLoLoL!!!").
Do not promote your rating community. In other words, if membership requires a certain number of yesses, do not promote it here. That's what places like community_promo are for. Promoting your regular music community is fine, but we do ask that you promote this community occasionally as well. That's fair...right?
Use an lj-cut when posting large and/or multiple pictures, please (if you're not sure how, check the FAQ).
Intro posts aren't all that necessary. We're glad you're here, we know what you came for, and we look forward to getting to know you better, but intro posts simply aren't needed. Are we going to bite your head off if you do make one? Nah. We might laugh at you beyond belief, but that's not all that bad, is it?
LJ drama is so stupid. Don't get upset over a stupid comment. IT'S THE INTERNET.
SPELL CHECK. No need to go into detail about that one. USE IT.
Your mods are iheartm5, _lunch_box (careful, she's usually drunk and VERY horny), and ooolauraooo.
Questions. If you happen to have any questions/comments/suggestions/complaints/or anything of the sort, feel free to e-mail me.